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Click HERE (or on the images below) for a 56-page guide to eating vegan. This comprehensive resource is for both vegans and pre-vegans. Please feel free to download and share this guide!

In this guide you will find lots of ideas, menus, product suggestions, and advice about going vegan! This resource is designed to get you thinking about what’s abundantly available for you to eat that doesn’t come from animal suffering and violence.

Free Vegan Guide
Free Vegan Guide



  • You are an animal lover and therefore want to eat in a way that respects ALL ANIMALS

  • You want to eat delicious, nurturing, inexpensive, healthy meals that are easy to prepare

  • You’ve always wondered, “What do vegans eat?”

  • You are vegetarian or already cutting back on eating animal products, and you want to go vegan but you don’t know how

  • You think that you’ll have to give up cheese, ice cream, and burgers if you go vegan (You will be amazed at all of the scrumptious vegan versions of everything!)

  • You want to improve your health and well-being, and the health and well-being of your friends, your family, other humans, and all animals

  • You want to do your part to end our climate catastrophe

  • You are already vegan and always overjoyed to find more vegan options

  • You want to make a consequential difference for our world with every bite

 This guide is about easy, delicious, satisfying vegan meals, and includes the following:


  • Lots of menus, so that you can see how varied, satisfying, and “easy breezy” it is to be vegan

  • Product brand names, which are in bold and linked to websites, so that you can order them online, find them at locations near you, and request that your local stores and restaurants carry them

  • Irrefutable, horrifying, and powerful facts about the consequences of our food choices on...oh, just the entire world!



“As our culture experiences increasing challenges to health, solidarity, and cultural harmony, What To Eat When You Don’t Eat Animals illumines the practical steps to eating in alignment with our deepest values. Use this book, share it, and revel in its implications. We can be the change we want to see in the world, and it can be delicious!”
~ Will Tuttle, Ph.D., The World Peace Diet

“This guide is the most wonderfully comprehensive array of information and links useful to pre-vegans and vegans that I have ever run across. If anyone thinks eating a vegan diet is limiting, this guide will quickly change your mind, and in the process, you’ll actually expand your repertoire of food choices! By trying many of the products listed in this guide, you’ll find MANY alternatives that taste very similar to your favorite animal products. The animals, your health, and the environment will benefit by your new choices!”

~ Shanasy Bratt, Ph.D., Nutritionist and Health Coach, Super Quick Plant-Based Recipes

“Three cheers for What To Do When You Dont Eat Animals. This guide is a treasure for anyone who wants to eat delicious meals and be saving countless animal lives at the same time. Both your palate and your ethical self will be very richly rewarded!”
~ Deborah Tanzer, Ph.D.

“Whether you’re a new vegan wondering where to begin or an established vegan looking for easy meal ideas, What To Eat When You Don’t Eat Animals is a valuable resource!”
~ Doh Driver, Vegan Restaurant Owner

“If ever there was a guide to plant-based eating that dispels of the notion that vegans eat grass, this is it. The vegan alternatives to meat, fish, dairy, and eggs are delicious, and What To Eat When You Don’t Eat Animals makes it easier than ever to transition to a healthy, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free diet.”
~ Donny Moss, Their Turn

“Wow, everything in one place to guide us on our vegan journey that will transform our health, help the Earth, and bring compassion for all animals too!”
~ Eileen Weintraub, Help Animals India

“A vegan must-read! For anyone considering veganism, new vegans, and veteran vegans, this guide is ideal. Food ideas, brands, substitutes, to-the-point facts about animals and the industries, and why veganism is important for all animals, societies, and the world. It’s fresh, thoughtful, and straightforward.”
~ Heidi Coon, Dig Out Your Soul

“Many people have the compassion and motivation to go vegan, but don’t know where to start. They have the passion to help animals, but lack the fundamentals of what to buy, what to cook, and what to eat. This comprehensive guide helps make it easy. What To Eat When You Don’t Eat Animals will take new vegans and pre-vegans step-by-step down the path of compassionate eating, and help make it simple and delicious!”
~ Hope Bohanec, The Humane Hoax Project

“Inspiring and informative, an excellent (and delicious!) resource guide for consumers who want to end their dependency on the immoral animal system. What To Eat When You Don’t Eat Animals is essential ‘comfort food for the just-starting-out vegan, filled with great starter meal plans, harrowing facts about the nature of the animal economy, and fascinating quotes. Highly recommended!”
~ John Sanbonmatsu, Ph.D., CleanMeat-Hoax

What To Eat When You Don’t Eat Animal hits the mark with one of the most useful and practical books you will find to help you and your loved ones make the leap into the deliciousness of vegan food. If you have any concerns that going vegan will be a sacrifice, you will be astonished at the products that taste like the animal foods you love, but without the cruelty and environmental devastation caused by animal agriculture. One of the biggest perks is the inner peace that comes from eating with lovingkindness and compassion.”
~ Judy McCoy Carman, M.A., author of Peace to All Beings and Homo Ahimsa: Who we Really Are and How We’re Going To Save the World

“This brilliant book is jam-packed full of amazing food delights, and the greatest part? It’s all wonderfully ethical, plant-based and compassionate at the source——for each and every meal! Extensive, well-researched information about food animal industries (and beautiful images) alongside a rich and resourceful catalogue of alternatives to meat, fish and dairy...with delicious suggestions for just about every meal you could think get animals off the plate. Everyone should have this book, whether vegetarian, vegan——or simply curious as a meat-eater, to explore the plant-based cooking world——and eat with full compassion towards other species, helping to save the Earth, and of course——improve our own health in the process too!”
~ Julie Dickinson, I, Animal: Examining the Animal-Human Divide

“An amazingly comprehensive, readable guide to abundant living that leaves animals and their ‘products’ off the menu and out of the house. This guide is both practical and ethical, a joy to savor and share. No one reading it can complain that vegan living is ‘too hard’ or restrictive. Especially important in my view is that the guide shines a light on the lovingness of the animals whose feelings and lives we violate by burying them——needlessly——in commodities.”
~ Karen Davis, Ph.D., President, United Poultry Concerns

“A much-needed guide for vegan living. It is not just about menus and animal facts (cruelties and stats), but serves as inspiration for evolving a healthier, kinder, and just world for all living things.”
~ Lynne Goldsmith

“Vegan recipes, wisdom, and ethics all in one, pithy volume. What to Eat When You Dont Eat Animals is the most complete and comprehensive guide to vegan food I’ve ever seen.”
~ Robert C. Jones 80spopanimals
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